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By Eric Morse March 19, 2013

Sales Process, a "MUST HAVE": To Build A Company Culture of Winning

Sales ProcessWHAT YOU NEED TO WIN the deal against the competitors. In our experience working with many great sales teams, we’ve found one overarching commonality: If you want to win, you must always know where you are in your organization’s sales process, and the next steps necessary to effectively close the deal. Mapping your sales process to the buying process is critical in todays times to add value and differentiate.

The concept of a sales process is not new. It’s been around for a long time for a reason – it works. A sales process works for direct sales, inside sales, channel sales or internet sales. It works whether your sales price is $10 or $500,000. We guarantee that if you really look at your sales success, it’s been based on a series of steps that you replicate from deal to deal.

So, what makes up a winning sales process?

  • Clearly defined steps
  • Goals for each step, such as:
    • Key activities and milestones
    • Key actions to be completed
    • Sales tools
    • Entry & exit criteria
    • CRM integration

In our sales consulting firm practice we see, some of the biggest mistakes that individuals or organizations make if they do already have a sales process in place include:

  • Skipping steps, or key activities within a step. You lose deals by doing this!
  • Forcing a canned sales process or methodology onto the sales team that isn’t tailored to the organization’s short-term and long-term goals
  • A lack of training and certification for sales professionals on the steps, activities, and tools in their sales process

Understanding your customer (WHO you sell to) and understanding your solution (WHAT you sell) is a clear competitive factor. By institutionalizing a customized, defined sales process (HOW you sell), you can streamline your sales force and reduce costs, increase win rates and watch your organization efficiently scale and grow.

Not adopting a very defined sales process leads to all sorts of negative outcomes for the organization. From poor forecasting, turnover of key sales people, to not connecting with the prospect, or worse losing to your competitor time after time. It is now a "Must Have" in sales organizations . 

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