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    By Eric Morse July 29, 2013

    Is your Sales Organization Thinking or Just Doing?

    First, please sit and take a deep breath.

    Why is it when we go in to so many organizations in our Sales Consulting practice do we notice one commonality? Sales organizations and salespeople are doing more and thinking less!

    So what do I mean? Everyone has a CRM, they have great data, they seem to have great training, great solutions and other key things, but it seems like either they do not want to see the obvious, or in my opinion they are just doing.

    So where do we need to start thinking? Here are 10 areas we find most sales executives and salespeople need to carve out each week to think.

    1. What is my win/loss ratio on net new business? How many resources are going into this effort and what are some of the common mistakes that are made? 
    2. How much face time or real phone time am I getting with my prospects? This will amaze you! Really be honest with yourself and your team on this. Most people are doing and not thinking about this critical area. 
    3. What dashboards or leading indicators do you look at to predict your revenue stream and sales funnel? Do not look at trailing indicators, look at leading ones.
    4. Is Sales Training a part of what we do each month? More important do you role play, certify, address sales strategy, or are you just doing product training?
    5. How connected is sales management to the sales team? Are they meeting one on one, are they talking about the account or deal strategy, are they helping me, are they empowering me, are they removing obstacles, are they adding value and do they really understand me and my deals? Can you predict success or failure by the 90 day mark or a new employee? 
    6. Are you doing key account plans and reviews? If your top 10-50 accounts represent anything north of 30% of your total revenue you should be. How involved is sales management in this process?
    7. Are you really reference checking, checking W-2, testing, and having the final candidates present something during your sales hiring process?
    8. Have you and your sales team adopted a social strategy from, blogging to Linkedin, to Facebook and Twitter? If not you are missing out on the front end of the business, and probably your competitor is getting that business. 
    9. Are you really planning your week and planning your priority to yield? Take a look at where you spend your time and how much yield you are really getting for the time spent.
    10.  Finally, do you have a plan, goals, OKR or anything formal/written that you are guiding yourself, your sales funnel and sales organization with? If not this is the #1 priority to start in my opinion. You need to set goals, create a written plan and execute on that plan. Without a plan I guarantee you will not accomplish what you could.

    If more sales organizations and sales people were doing more thinking and less doing, goals will be met, growth will be achieved, win/loss will be improved, new hire ramp will be decreased, and YOU will become MORE PROACTIVE AND EFFECTIVE. Try it. If you need help reach out.

    Thanks for listening,
    Eric Morse, CEO/ Founder of Sales Result Inc. 

    Topics: Sales Management, Sales Playbook / Training, Sales Operations / Enablement

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