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    By Eric Morse February 6, 2012

    High Tech Sales Management

    Managing Sales GrowthWith the 2012 Computer Electronics Show coming to a close, we’ve decided it’s time to review some of the challenges faced by the technology industry. In terms of sales, high tech is booming. Devices of all sorts are coming to market, but only some of them are succeeding. The ones that are doing well are doing very well. The question is what divides the good from the bad – how much of it is poor marketing and sales management, and what of it is the product itself? It’s our opinion that most products can succeed – they just need the right push. Let’s look at the current state of the high tech sales industry for ideas.

    Hardware Vendors

    The hardware manufacturers are in a bit of a bind right now. With record setting flooding in Thailand, the price of hard disk drives has doubled and shows no signs of slowing. The increased cost for new hardware combined with an economic recession is putting vendors in difficult positions. Some of the larger companies have chosen to escape desktop manufacturing altogether – focusing instead on mobile and tablet markets. Those that remain are in good position to gain leverage on the market if they can survive the coming onslaught. Their sales teams are currently operating in overdrive to maintain customer support.

    Handheld Devices and Smartphones

    There’s a marketing war happening between handheld device makers. Everyone is vying for the coveted top spot, and the market isn’t all speaking the same language. Consumers are offered several competing mobile options, and no solid winner has emerged. This is the prime time for sales consulting. Any edge in this environment could be the determining factor. To market these sorts of devices, you need a concrete knowledge of three things – what your product is and how it differs from other offerings, who your target market is, and how you’re selling to them. The phone ecosystem isn’t going to go away – the other devices may prove less successful. Given the right sales strategies, though, it’s likely at least some of them will succeed.

    A Time of Revolution

    The high tech market is susceptible to high rates of change. Right now, a handheld device has ten times the computational power of a high end desktop from only a few years ago. The major markets have changed their approach to this somewhat. The offering of LTE – long term evolution – devices is meant to curb the need to continually market and re-market devices. They’re meant to grow along with the demands of customers, specced for something slightly beyond present demand and able to adapt in ways as yet unpredicted.

    This is an incredible time for sales consultation. There are innumerable viable markets and niche audiences all begging for products to fill them. If you have one such product, we can help you firmly wedge it into place. If you have any questions about our high tech sales strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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