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By Eric Morse July 22, 2011

Bridging the Gap Between Sales Management and Sales Teams

Since 2003, we have worked closely with over 100 sales teams in a wide variety of industries including technology, legal and retail. Although each of our clients comes with a unique set of needs, we’ve found many similarities when it comes to ineffective management styles. Below is a list of key issues that we regularly encounter by conducting our in-depth Executive Sales Discovery and Gap Analysis.

  • Sales management does not connect with their individual sales representatives with a formalized structure/agenda.
    • A weekly or bi-weekly sales meeting/call is crucial for connecting with a sales team.
    • Often, sales leaders will put aside 15 minutes for a weekly forecast call. Really, this is not enough time to actually connect.
    • We often hear from Sales VPs that they hear from their sales reps every day, but it’s often that case that they are still disconnected.
    • So, how do you bridge this gap?
  • Sales management does not adopt or embrace a formal sales process with milestones, key activities, exit criteria, etc.
    • And they wonder why the deals don’t move forward/why the forecasting accuracy is bad/why they’re unable to close.
  • Management cannot articulate key activities form activities
    • They are focusing on the wrong thing.
  • They do not embrace and implement regular sales training with certification into their sales organization.
    • You need to invest in your sales team!
  • They do not spend time regularly in the field or on the phone auditing the sales person’s skills, presentations, and sales funnel.
  • During the interview process, they do not:
    • Have the candidate sell something to them.
    • Verify references and W-2.
    • Test on key concepts that are crucial to the position
    • You need to get to know the person that you’re hiring in order to ensure that they are the right fit for the job.
  • Cannot articulate a standard compelling value proposition for their solution throughout the sales organization.
    • This kills a sales team’s ability to move forward in a deal.

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