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    By Eric Morse February 15, 2012

    Brick and Mortar Stores are Still Benefitting from Sales Consulting

    Store FrontIt’s been seen in every industry and every city: rough economic times and the ease of shopping online have taken a toll on brick and mortar stores. Boarded up windows and empty retail spaces are increasingly common.

    There is still some hope for the real world shopping experience, however. Sales consulting companies have consistently found ways to innovate on the shopping experience, leading to every industry having some leftovers in the physical market.

    Here are some of the ways they’ve kept afloat.

    Convenience and Immediacy

    When it comes to making purchases, many online vendors know that you have only a few seconds to convert a page view into a sale. The same thing is true in the physical world – convenience and immediate purchasability make a huge difference. The biggest advantage physical stores can have is that they offer immediate availability – once someone is inside the door, the ability to walk out with a product in-hand, without the hassle of shipping, is quite profound. A sales consulting company can help you present your products in a way that encourages people to make purchases because of their convenience. This includes advertising, but also the way your store is laid out.

    Exclusive Products

    Many stores are working on deals with suppliers to receive exclusive products. This is a great way to get people coming through the door. If products simply aren’t available on the internet, then the people who really want them will need to come in. This can be seen in action in any number of television-exclusive product offerings – those companies stay in business because they offer things that may not be available otherwise. Once the customer is in the door, it’s up to your sales team, the layout of the store, and the overall customer experience to push the products out the door.

    Large Scale Items and Comparisons

    Finally, one of the biggest benefits for brick and mortar stores is the ability to display items. Product demonstrations and displays give customers the ability to assess quality before buying. On the one hand, this means that physical stores are expected to have higher quality items. However, the security of knowing what something will look and, more importantly, feel like, before buying, is something that simply can’t be accomplished over the internet. A good sales consulting company will help you use this fact to your advantage. Likewise, a sales floor is great for setting products up side by side. Online retailers frequently have some sort of comparison system, but it doesn’t meet the experience of looking at one product next to another.

    If you’re the owner of a small business that depends on foot traffic to meet sales numbers, you may want to think about hiring a sales consulting company. Not only will they help you improve advertising and customer volume, they’ll help you align your store to make the most of the customers who enter.

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