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By Eric Morse March 21, 2013

10 Indicators That Your VP of Sales Needs Coaching and Training

The following ten points are all indicators that a VP of Sales or other upper-level sales management needs coaching and training. If you see one or more of these indicators, it’s time to reassess your sales management team, and determine how they can begin to meet and exceed your company’s goals.
  1. They spend too much time selling upward, and not enough time on their people
  2. They have no understanding of their sales funnel, and can’t predict month-to-month forecasting
  3. They haven’t sampled the quality of work of their sales managers and individual contributors in sales or on the phone
  4. They have no institutionalized sales and product training regime within their sales force
  5. Their territories are misaligned and only a small percent of sales reps are effectively covering their territory
  6. They have no sales playbook or set of rules that they follow
  7. They have no sales process, key activities and/or defined metrics, and if they do, they haven’t followed the process, completed the activities, and/or made the numbers
  8. Their win/loss ratio isn’t balanced: they are losing more deals than they are winning to competitors, and blaming it on the product rather than taking a look at themselves
  9. They aren’t able to make their number quarter after quarter
  10. They don’t have a plan for how they will make their numbers
Insanity is expecting a different result from your VP of Sales without making the necessary changes. Kick your 2012 off right by ensuring that your VP of Sales/sales management is equipped with the right mindset, sales team, and sales tools to meet their organization’s monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

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