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By Erin Riley April 21, 2016

Gain a Fresh Perspective Through Sales Discovery

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
― John Lubbock

Are you caught in a rut? Have you grown sales to a certain level but are unable to pass this plateau? Has your Sales Organization become stagnant as it faces tough challenges from new competitors or a change in the marketplace? Your challenges are far from unique and opportunities for change are abundant with the help of a fresh perspective.

  • fresh (adjective): not previously known or used; new or different.
  • perspective (noun): a particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality.

Fresh. Perspective. Two words, when combined, offer a new or different path forward that suddenly appears.

What can Fresh Perspective do for you?

Once you have determined you have a problem, the next (and perhaps most important), step is to to get to the the root of the issue through a detailed Executive Sales Discovery process. You might be asking yourself what this process looks like, and we are going to help you understand it right here.

An Executive Sales Discoveryis a thorough process in which our team at SRi works with closely with your organization to quickly and accurately understand your sales needs. Through onsite meetings and interviews with the executive team, key stakeholders, sales management, sales reps, and others involved at all levels of the organization, we are able to understand the present day conditions your team faces, and get a 360-degree view of the good, the bad, and the ugly at play within your sales organization. 

By analyzing these interviews and conducting intensive research, we are then able to provide a report which gives our clients a highly-customized, fresh perspective on opportunities to improve their organizations and fix tough issues that they've historically struggled with.

A fresh perspective comes from a team effort. SRi is one part of this team, but you are a critical part of the team also, as we work together for your success. The right questions must be asked, and answered honestly, in order for the Executive Sales Discovery process to be successful. SRi has extensive experience in asking these questions to shed light on your needs, (some of which you may not know exist yet!)

An Executive Discovery report includes:

  • A Fresh Perspective that will highlight high-level details on the current state of your sales organization
  • The Top Priorities to attack, including short-term immediate fixes along with long-term solutions
  • A detailed Competitive Analysis on your specific industry and the current state of the marketplace
  • An understanding of your Hidden Revenue Blockers – what is keeping you from being successful
  • A SWOT analysis highlighting your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • A detailed Project Roadmap to success, and how to get there

Put SRi’s Fresh Perspective to work for you
At SRi, we pride ourselves on bringing the fresh perspective to every engagement we undertake. We have a diverse background of working in many different industries and verticals, which allows us to step in to your specific situation and have an immediate impact. We look forward to working with you on an upcoming Sales Discovery or whatever service you might need!

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