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By Chris Strandin July 27, 2015

Finding Your Next All-Star Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Recruiting Your Next Sales Rep

 You are looking for that sales rep the rest of your team can look up to because he or she will consistently put up great numbers, with a great attitude. As you sit through interview after interview, this task becomes daunting. However, the right tools can make this necessary process easy and even fun.


The best way to set yourself up to hire a superstar is by evaluating each existing sales rep in the areas that you believe are most important to achieving your sales goals.


It is not enough to find a rep who "has a history of making their numbers," you have to dig deep into what is going to make a sales rep successful in your industry and on your team. While each situation is different, I have provided a few examples of areas to consider before making your next hiring decision.


1. Phone Selling - How effective is your sales rep on the phone? Call references, and even set up a phone interview if you can. If you expect them to be great on the phone, they need to be able to have part of the interview over the phone.


2. Listening - Are they able to truly listen, and allow the prospect to tell them what is most important to them? Too often sales reps want to do all of the talking and talk about things that aren’t important to the customer.


3. Email - While most companies have templates to use, it is important to customize the email to the prospect’s specific needs. Request a writing sample to determine if they are articulate enough on paper to give a personal touch to his emails.


4. Cultural Cohesiveness - It is important that your rep makes the workplace a better community. It only takes 1 negative attitude to bring the energy level down and hurt productivity. Be sure to introduce potential hires to the team, and gauge how well they interact.


5. Relationship Building - How effective is the sales rep at building a genuine connection to their customer. Take time aside from technical interview questions to see if you can connect with the potential hire on a personal level.


Hiring criteria is different for every organization, but many overlap. Find inventive ways to test your interviewee in the areas that truly matter. Culture and attitude can be just as important as technical selling skills. For more on hiring and evaluating sales people, please continue to read our blog, or reach out to us directly at 


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