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    By Chris Strandin October 20, 2022

    Evaluating Your Sales Playbook

    Sales training, sales tools, competitive battle cards - there is a lot of buzz about how to best enable your sales team today, but few places bring all that information into one place. Here we go:


    What you teach your sales team is essential. As sales leaders, we do a lot of hand holding and "therapising". At the end of the day we need to coach them to be better sellers. GIVE THEM THE TOOLS THEY NEED. Support they need. Messaging they need. Here is a basic list of topics, but this there is much more to provide:
    • Prospect Personas & what they care about
    • Value propositions & who it's targeted for 
    • Elevator Pitches & when to use them
    • Objection Handling & mapping objections to true intentions
    • Competition & how to win
    • Negotiating/Closing & why your prospect WANTS to buy

    It's all about the AND. How do these tools work together? How do they support each other? How do they build a cohesive message to your prospects?



    Adoption of a sales playbook is a critical - it does no good to invest in a great sales playbook if the team fails to adopt it. Adoption starts at the top - if leaders aren't publicly bought in, the training has a snowball's chance getting adopted. Furthermore, training on a sales playbook needs to include success gates including quizzes, tests, and certification. Training with success gates helps to ensure reps not only pay attention to the material, but seek to retain it. Additional adoption components are discussed in the following sections. 



    Does your current playbook live on a dusty shelf? It's 2022, everything is digital, including the commute for many. If you have good training, scripts, competitive information, get it front and center! There are great tools out there like Guru that integrate into rep's browsers and give product details, objection talking points, stories about similar customers, it's amazing. 

    I like my paper too - a printed playbook has it's place, but paper doesn't update with your changing industry and competitive landscape. Your team needs up to the day competitive insights, best messaging, and great customer stories that can move deals forward. 



    Integration into workflow is essential. Can you even imagine being a sales rep with just one screen anymore? Of course not. As reps juggle 3, 5, 7 or more apps to connect with customers, we need to make it EASY. 

    Your playbook needs to be tied in to the browser, Teams, Slack, the tools your team uses every day. It can't just live on a corporate Sharepoint - it's not enough. One of the best ways to drive adoption is integrating your sales playbook into the rep's daily workflow. 


    Accessibility & Updates

    Who owns your training?

    Who owns updates?

    Most of our clients start with sub-optimal answers here, so you're not alone. The MINUTE a rep gets a competitive insight, that needs to get published. EVERYBODY benefits from that update. Sure, there's security concerns, but back your playbook up. SPEED IS DOLLARS. 



    Most companies don't have a best practices in place, but you don't need to be in the Fortune 500 to have a best-in-class sales playbook. Your team, especially those under 30, love a spoon fed diet of what to do, how to do it, when to do it. I'm willing to bet you don't have time to build the right infrastructure your team deserves, so give us a call. We custom build for your clients, your culture, and your way.  

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