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    By Eric Morse February 4, 2016

    CRM for CEOs: Are You Looking at the Right Data?

    Any CEO worth his or her salt understands the importance of using a CRM system to collect and analyze data, which allows you to track your sales team activity, have a transparent view of your sales funnel, and provide verifiable numbers to your board with confidence.

    A CRM system is like a health monitor for your sales organization, and in order to be effective, it needs to be accurate. if your data is wrong, in turn you’re wrong. Bad or misrepresented data means you are flying blind and bound to make mistakes that will eventually come back to damage your reputation.

    You likely have a CRM system such as already installed and in use, but are you looking at the right visuals on your dashboard? Are you generating reports that provide the information you need to make smart executive decisions? Or are you bogged down in useless or difficult-to-understand data?  

    As a CEO, you need a high-level view of your sales organization and to stay out of the weeds. Data that is beneficial the sales team, sales operations, and marketing, isn’t necessarily the same data that should concern you or the board. You need to specifically track sales funnel, key ratios, and sales team performance.

    Below are listed examples of the types of data a CEO should be cognizant of at all times:

    • Sales funnel
      • SRi_SalesFunnel.jpgNumber of new opportunities entering the funnel
      • Funnel movement (positive and negative)
      • Time a lead stays in various key stages in the funnel
      • Forecasting accuracy, leading and trailing indicators
    • Ratios
      • Number of leads to create an opportunity/sale
      • Win/loss ratios in key segments
      • Key ratios within your sales funnel and sales process
    • Performance
      • Individual performance of VP/managers/reps
      • Overall sales team performance
      • Number of reps below targets

    Sales Result Inc. (SRi) has helped many CEOs to unleash the power of their CRM systems through recommendations, set-up, and training, to ensure they’re watching the numbers that matter and that they can trust. Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to learn how SRi can help you transform your sales using smart metrics.

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