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    By Chris Strandin October 20, 2022

    7 + 1 Tips to Close a Strong Quarter

    The quarter is almost over, meaning many readers are scrambling to hit their number, or max out their comp plan. It's getting down to the wire, but there are still things you can do to salvage your goal. 

    Here are 7 + 1 strategies to get the most out of the remaining days in your quarter as a sales leader:


    1. Have a "Stay Late Party"

    A stay late party is when you order pizza, and the whole team stays late to get out more emails, work on proposals, build camaraderie, and more. It doesn't cost much to bring in pizza, but that extra 3-4 hours can make a big difference. If you need to do this for a few days, that's what you might need to do. 


    2. Run Daily Challenges

    Every day counts even more when you're behind. Support your team's productivity and add that unrelenting fire by setting daily targets that can be dollars closed, total activities, highest average call length; whatever KPI you think will have the greatest impact. Sales people love healthy competition, but a gift card or prize for the winner can go a long way too. 


    3. Equip the Team with Strong Closing Questions

    End of quarter is the time to close. If you have medium to weak closers, providing just 2-3 more aggressive closing questions can pull those additional deals into the quarter. Examples may include "What can I do to earn your business today?" or "If I can solve (Objection), can we move forward by Friday?".


    4. Ask Customers for Bigger Deals

    This applies better in certain industries, but if you have the relationship with your customers, it doesn't hurt to ask for a larger deal. Maybe instead of a 1-year subscription, ask for 2. Instead of a 1 month supply, ask for a quarter. If they can't do it, close hard on the original deal and move on. 


    5. Leverage Marketing Support

    What can marketing do to support revenue at the final hour? Is it an account-based marketing blitz? Lighting up social media? Writing some relevant success stories that can help sales close qualm that final objection? 


    6. Make Goals and Progress Visible

    If you don't know you're behind the goal, you're not going to give it the same 100%. If sales people are running their own reports every day, they're wasting selling time. It's your job as a sales leader to make sure the progress toward the goal obvious and easy - that can be CRM or a daily email if you as a leader need to run it manually. 


    7. Communication is Essential

    Internal communication helps the sales leader stay informed about deals and customers, but also keeps reps motivated, informed of progress, and armed with the tools that will make them successful. 


    + 1 After the Quarter, Have a Team Review

    This won't help you in the current quarter, but it will help you for the next one. The week after the quarter closes, spend time analyzing what you did well & what needs work; where you win & where you lose; and brainstorm with your team how to get better for the next quarter.


    Next Steps

    Regardless of how your quarter finishes, we're here to support your next quarter with the strategies, processes, and sales tools to support your team's continued growth. Reach out today, and we can schedule a call when you have time to take that next step towards repeatable revenue. 

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