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By Liz Stone July 19, 2016

Restaurant Results // Beyond BBQ in Austin

We travel frequently to visit our clients, and often they take us to their favorite local eateries and watering holes. We’ve had many memorable meals with our clients and friends, and often share them to social media - yes, we're those people. Our CEO Eric recently received a comment on one such post saying “you should be a food critic” and it got us wondering… why we hadn’t we thought of this sooner?!  

Introducing the Restaurant Results series, where we will periodically share our epicurean escapades on the Sales Result blog. First up, Austin, TX (July 2016), which lived up to its reputation as a booming foodie town.


13690766_10153520590536595_690023956005359973_n.jpgOn the burger scale of 1 to 10, “this place is a 10 and In-N-Out is a 4”. Some fighting words from our client and a California native nonetheless! But seeing as he is local and a self-described foodie, we knew we were in for something good. 

“Everything about Hopdoddy feels Austin” – it has a friendly, funky vibe representative of the city itself. Once seated, first out were the beers, all local brews, and some lemonades (regular and ginger – both good). Next up, piping hot fries of two varieties: Kennebec and truffle fries. The truffle fries were particularly tasty dipped in garlic aioli mayo (hello heart attack), although the spicy ketchup was a second runner-up. 

“What takes a burger from good to great is the bun, and I saw some great buns at Hopdoddy”… literally, this is true; they are made fresh every day! Another sign of a good burger is that it doesn’t need to be disguised with frills, and the Classic was enjoyed by three out of us four. Their turkey burger (Continental Club) didn’t disappoint either.

We rolled out of Hopdoddy with two things on our minds: 1) how to negate some of the damage done (we agreed 6 miles of running or 20 miles of biking would do the trick) and 2) In-N-Out will never taste quite as good again. If you’re wondering, of the three committed exercisers, only one succeeded; the other two gave it 5 minutes before relapsing into food comas for the remainder of the evening and part of the following day.


Tacodeli was worth the long lunchtime line that was snaking out the door into Austin’s 95-degree heat by the time we arrived. Once at the counter everyone in the group ordered the “Blue Plate” special – any two tacos with a side of rice and beans. We shared tortilla chips with Tacodeli’s signature salsas (favorite was Salsa Doña, a spicy jalapeño garlic sauce) and a side of queso that was “good, but not the best around” from our client, an Austin resident and our in-house queso expert (he recommends Torchy's for that).

With a lengthy menu, it was easy for everyone to find something suitable to their tastes at Tacodeli. The tacos came fully loaded – they don’t skimp on filling here – and in just one tortilla instead of the typical two, which everyone preferred because this way the taco's corn/flour exterior didn’t take away from the delicious insides.

Eric described the tacos as “really flippin’ good, with the right amount of spice and really tender meat”. Some favorites among the group were Tacoloco (brisket), Carne Asada (ribeye), and Papadulce (sweet potato). The Mexican red rice and Agua Fresca (watermelon flavor) were also enjoyed.  


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