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By Ryan Strandin August 20, 2015

BANT for the Sales Team

bant_for_sales_teamThe use of BANT in the sales department, is different than “BANT for lead generation.” If you are not familiar with BANT, please refer to “Intro to BANT” for a refresher. The sales department has the responsibility of qualifying leads in all four qualifications: Budget, Authority, Need, and Time. The more effective they are at this, the more effective they will be in qualifying their opportunities.

 If your sales department has trouble qualifying leads quickly, then have them all fill out a BANT form for each lead. Have four columns titled Budget, Authority, Need, and Time. For each lead they talk to, have them put a check mark in the columns that are qualified, and an X in the column that disqualified them (if any).  This will cause a mental shift in the sales team, having them hunt for sales qualifications when they get on the phone, instead of just having conversations.

As sales reps use BANT to qualify their leads, trends will begin to emerge. It quickly becomes apparent which categories frequently cause a lead to become disqualified. This provides valuable insight, allowing for strategic adjustments to expand the base of potential customers. Knowing the likely qualification criteria, reps cab qualify leads on the trouble category in order to save valuable time.

 If leads frequently get disqualified because of budget or need, then it may be an issue of sales reps not being able to build the value effectively. This can be fixed with sales coaching and mentoring. Giving sales reps tools like bold claims, storytelling training, and objection handling empowers them to be able to overcome objections, and convert a higher percentage of leads to sales.

 If you notice a large trend of leads getting disqualified because of authority or time, then they could probably use some help with account planning and blueprinting. Being able to identify corporate structure before making the call, or in the early stages of the call, will allow your reps to get in front of the decision makers more quickly, allowing them to close more sales.

Implementing the BANT system for your sales force helps them stay on track. Actively seeking qualifications ensures that your sales reps are not spending unnecessary time with leads who will never convert into sales. 

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