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By Ryan Strandin August 19, 2015

BANT for Lead Generation

bant_lead_generationIf your company has a lead generation division, then you have heard the sales department complain about the leads. That there are not enough, or the ones they do get are not good enough. The phonebook has every lead you need, but it is all about finding the right balance of quality and quantity. In our experience, this is where BANT makes a tremendous impact.

Lead generation departments need to keep their focus aimed at generating as many good leads as possible, not actually closing the deals. When qualifying the lead, the lead generation department should typically be looking for 3 out of 4 the BANT qualifications, because this usually means they are a strong enough lead for the sales department to get involved.

If the lead generation department comes across a lead who has the budget, need, and time, but no authority, pass the lead onto sales. Sales should be able to work through the lead to get to the decision maker and close the deal.

While qualifying, the lead generation team needs to look out for red flags. These are different for every organization, but it must be noted if details indicate that a prospect will not become a customer. Sending dud leads like this to sales is a waste of their time.

If the lead has the budget, authority, and time, but they are in a completely different industry, do not pass the lead to sales. Even though they had 3 out of 4 qualifications, the lead had a red flag and should not be pursued.

Every organization needs to find a system that works best for them. The best practices for lead generation is 3 out of 4 qualifications, but this is a guideline, and not a rule. Take time and evaluate the sales process your leads go through to ensure their quality and quantity. 

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