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    By: Ryan Strandin

    by Ryan Strandin September 15, 2015

    Future Telling with Leading Indicators

    Every sales manager is trying to predict the future. Having accurate sales projections through the entire sales funnel is the best way to know if the sales team is on track, but many organizations aren't tracking what they need to in order to be accurate. Visibility into the activities and events happening throghout the funnel allows for action to be taken well before missing revenue or bookings targets. A leading indicator is a measurable metric that can be used to predict future sales success, making it the best way for any sales manager to keep their team on track.

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    by Ryan Strandin August 24, 2015

    Why a Sales Funnel is Vital for a CEO

    Without the right information, decision makers risk disasterous consequences. CEOs have a very special role in that they must orchestrate many different elements of the business and plan years into the future. In any budgeting equasion, it is critical to understand how much money is coming in, and when. A CEO needs to understand the sales funnel so that they can plan into the future and adaquately 


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    by Ryan Strandin August 20, 2015

    BANT for the Sales Team

    The use of BANT in the sales department, is different than “BANT for lead generation.” If you are not familiar with BANT, please refer to “Intro to BANT” for a refresher. The sales department has the responsibility of qualifying leads in all four qualifications: Budget, Authority, Need, and Time. The more effective they are at this, the more effective they will be in qualifying their opportunities.

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    by Ryan Strandin August 19, 2015

    BANT for Lead Generation

    If your company has a lead generation division, then you have heard the sales department complain about the leads. That there are not enough, or the ones they do get are not good enough. The phonebook has every lead you need, but it is all about finding the right balance of quality and quantity. In our experience, this is where BANT makes a tremendous impact.

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    by Ryan Strandin August 14, 2015

    Using BANT in your CRM

    If you are not familiar with BANT, please read “Intro to BANT” and “Getting to BANT” before continuing. Pairing BANT with your CRM system fosters two vital changes to your organization that will help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Using the BANT systemin the CRM changes the mindset of the sales reps, and provides significantly more visibility for management.

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