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    By: Maria Trizna

    by Maria Trizna May 31, 2018

    The Best Kept Secret to Determine Your Product’s Value

    The one thing many leaders fail to understand is that logical decision-making is anything but logical. That’s what makes determining and creating value so elusive, vague, and hard. Before we can explain how exactly value is derived, it’s important to understand the rather illogical decision-making process behind purchase motivation.

    What Guides Our Decisions?

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    by Maria Trizna May 24, 2018

    Value Selling: The Difference Between Features, Benefits, and Value

    When looking to grow revenue, a common strategy is to increase your deal size and sell upstream. Unfortunately, without a major shift in selling methodology sales leaders find the initiative unsuccessful. Traditionally, if the average deal size is relatively small, sales reps generally are able to successfully sell the product based on features and benefits; however, when the average deal size significantly increases, prospective clients expect to hear more than that—they want to hear and receive value.

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    by Maria Trizna April 20, 2018

    Are your SMEs and technical sales people making these mistakes?

    Technical business leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) struggle to tell their company and product story. That’s because they have the “Curse of Knowledge”, a common phenomenon that happens when people who’ve been exposed to their product for a long time can’t imagine what it’s like to not know or understand their technology product. This leads to conversations that miss the mark or bore important decision-makers. The good news is that if your SMEs are experiencing "Curse of Knowledge" symptoms discussed below, you can give your fix it by providing the proper training and tools to help them have more relevant conversations. 

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    by Maria Trizna March 21, 2018

    The Secret Tool Every Sales Leader Needs to Transform Sales Teams

    In a Strategic Management classroom, a sea of groans was heard as 50 students voiced their displeasure. Several analysis frameworks were up on the screen. All had to be completed before we could develop a recommendation that would determine a freight company’s fate. 

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    by Maria Trizna March 2, 2018

    How to Use Value Selling to Differentiate Your Product

    Many CEOs come to us looking for answers. When sales are stagnant or taking a dive—especially with older companies that have been around for a while—it usually can be traced to two root reasons. 

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