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    By: Maria Trizna

    by Maria Trizna October 9, 2018

    8 Key Characteristics to Look for in a B2B Sales Rep

    Building an all-start sales team starts with your judgment. Because you’re hiring for sales reps, it can be difficult to distinguish true talent from sales talk. Therefore, having a well-define profile that outlines key characteristics you’re looking for, and corresponding questions to test for those skills, will help avoid poor judgment calls. 

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    by Maria Trizna October 2, 2018

    4 Things to Consider in a B2B Sales Process Review

    While you likely already follow a sales process, we highly recommend all our clients to regularly revisit their sales process to make sure it aligns with constantly changing buyer expectations and how your team functions. If your sales process is not already aligned to your prospects buyer’s journey we highly recommend holding a brainstorming session with your team using our free B2B buyer’s journey alignment template.

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    by Maria Trizna September 25, 2018

    The Ultimate Guide to a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

    If you google “sales enablement” likely you’ll be bombarded with various CRM and sales process vendors, metric platforms, and consumption and training software. And all those things are great things if the strategy, content, and tools being used in via these platforms is right. In this blog, we outline key components you should consider prior to picking the right software and digital platforms for your company.

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    by Maria Trizna September 20, 2018

    The Secret Weapon in B2B Sales: Emotional Connection

    Many B2B sales leaders still don’t recognize B2B purchase decisions as emotional. Even if business leaders, say they believe there’s an emotional element in the decision-making process, little importance is actually placed on marketing and sales initiatives that strive to create an emotional connection between the prospect or customer and the company brand.

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    by Maria Trizna September 6, 2018

    Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Design Thinking

    From our experience, it’s not uncommon for sales leaders to emphasize the sales process template or internal organizational structure when trying to improve their sales process. But a sales process is only a framework.

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