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By: Eric Morse

by Eric Morse December 8, 2013

Sales Operations: Your Sales Radar & Partner to Success

Let’s face it, the VP of Sales is a busy person. First make the number, second, make sure we are hiring the right salespeople, getting involved with key deals, reviewing the sales funnel and constantly travelling the world to visit clients, partners, prospects and acquisitions. Sound like you?

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by Eric Morse October 14, 2013

2014 Sales Coverage Model: The Need for Hunters

Growth, what does that mean to your business? At our Sales Consulting Firm, we look at growth from these perspectives:

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by Eric Morse July 29, 2013

Is your Sales Organization Thinking or Just Doing?

First, please sit and take a deep breath.

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by Eric Morse April 30, 2013

Winning Sales Process: Key Activity vs. Activity

A clearly defined sales process is essential in today’s selling environment for closing sales and ensuring that your company achieves its sales strategy at maximum profitability. Sales processes should not only outline what to do at each step but also describe the goals that should be achieved, including key activities or sales milestones.

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by Eric Morse April 29, 2013

Social Selling: Sales Relevance in a Social World!

 In the last few weeks, I have read many blogs, tweets predicting the death of sales people, lack of importance of sales, salespeople will become like dinosaurs and that solution selling or a value based selling is dead. I know some will agree and disagree but here are my thoughts.

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by Eric Morse April 21, 2013

Stop Losing to Your Competitors with a Winning Sales Process

The key to any successful company sales organization is an effective and what we call a Winning Sales Process.

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by Eric Morse April 17, 2013

SaaS Sales PlayBook - Needed Component to Grow Revenue

Sales playbooks are guides that contain information on and detail experiences regarding the most successful methods for selling your product. They aren’t static documents or online sites/tools; they are ever-growing repositories of tactics, experiences, strategies and whatever other content you think can help to improve sales effectiveness.

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by Eric Morse April 15, 2013

SaaS Sales Compensation: Stop Losing Great Sales Staff!

A capable sales staff can be a company’s greatest asset.

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by Eric Morse April 12, 2013

SaaS Sales Team not Meeting Expectations, Look to Segmentation

Sales segmentation is the practice of establishing different marketing strategies for different target prospects.

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by Eric Morse March 21, 2013

10 Indicators That Your VP of Sales Needs Coaching and Training

The following ten points are all indicators that a VP of Sales or other upper-level sales management needs coaching and training. If you see one or more of these indicators, it’s time to reassess your sales management team, and determine how they can begin to meet and exceed your company’s goals.
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