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By: Eric Morse

by Eric Morse December 8, 2015

Five Sales Lessons Learned from The Wolf of Wall Street

The dark comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, is a bio-pic of the “Wolf” himself, Jordan Belfort. Belfort was a stockbroker in the late 1980s and 1990s who rapidly rose to success with his corrupt brokerage empire, Stratton Oakmont.

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by Eric Morse December 3, 2015

Clean Up Your [Sales] Clutter

Many of us tidy our desks before taking time off from the office, especially for long durations such as the over the holidays. We organize our email inboxes, fill our recycling bins to the brim with papers have accumulated over months, set up “away” messages, and tie up loose ends. Cleaning your clutter clears your mind, and returning to an orderly desk allows you to work harder, tackle tough projects and be more productive, all with grace and ease.

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by Eric Morse October 8, 2014

Proven Plans & Sales Playbooks to Win Against the 800-Pound Gorilla

Are you tired and fed up to losing against an 800-pound gorilla in your space. Do you have a plan?

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by Eric Morse April 15, 2014

Inside Sales Management: The Value of a Sales Playbook

You’re a sales leader, working with your team to achieve increased sales targets but you are struggling to get there. You need a new plan but where to start? In our last article Success Tips for the Inside Sales Process we talked about some quick tips to get a rapid boost in Inside Sales performance. For longer-term, more sustained performance, however, implementing a Sales Playbook as part of your sales planning should be something that you strongly consider. 

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by Eric Morse February 4, 2014

Inside Sales Management: Are You Nurturing Salespeople or Robots?

How many calls do you listen to every month? It’s really interesting the responses I get from Inside Sales Management to that question. A lot of the time the answer is, 0 to a few calls per month.

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by Eric Morse January 28, 2014

Screw Being an “A” Player, I Want To Be #1

So on this Superbowl week, Go Hawks, my attention is to the many questions I am asked. Let’s take an appropriate one for this week. So Eric what does it take for me to be number 1 in my company? Or “Screw being a “A” Player, I want to be #1”.

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by Eric Morse January 13, 2014

Lessons Learned About Sales Process Implementation

So after developing, creating, fixing and implementing numerous Sales Process for different types of companies, I thought I would review some of the REAL Killers/Failures in adoption that I have personally seen while I was selling, managing and since 2003 providing winning sales consulting through my Sales Consulting firms SRi, Sales Result Inc. in which we cleaned up a lot of the below mistakes.

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by Eric Morse December 11, 2013

When to Fire Sales Non-Performers?

So how many times have we hired someone and said to ourselves this person is going to be fantastic. Yet 12 months later he/she is fired. We have also heard and seen in many blogs the cost of the wrong hire or turnover.

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by Eric Morse December 10, 2013

CEO to VP Sales: How is Sales Going to Be More Efficient in 2014?

If you are a VP of Sales how many times have you heard this question?

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by Eric Morse December 8, 2013

Seattle Seahawks More than Winners, with our Youthforce Kids...

Ever heard of the Seattle Seahawks, are you a 12?

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