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By: Chris Strandin

by Chris Strandin January 4, 2018

Turn Underperforming Sales Managers into the “World’s Best Boss”

According to a new study conducted by Sales Mastery, sub-optimal sales management coaching is the top barrier impacting an organization’s ability to reach 2018 revenue targets.

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by Chris Strandin November 29, 2017

5 Avoidable 2018 Sales Planning Mistakes

With under 5 weeks until EOY, it’s safe to say you’re insanely busy. Scrambling to close deals, worried about making the target by New Year’s Eve, and in the heat of it all, you need to make a sales plan. As you prepare your roadmap for 2018, make sure to avoid the following five blunders. 

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by Chris Strandin November 16, 2017

Social Selling Sucks (Time)

Most sales reps won’t get a good return spending their time on social media. Yet, many sales reps spend their whole day doing it anyways. At Sales Result, we believe in a balanced approach to prospecting and spreading your time across activities likely to yield a great return. Simply put, spend your time doing things you know will work.

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by Chris Strandin May 24, 2017

Key Account Plans: 3 Things Yours Should Include

Most B2B companies would be devastated if they lost 5 of their top 10 accounts, but many have little-to-no process in place to manage them. Top accounts bring in larger amounts of predictable revenue than the rest, and extra efforts in the form of key account management need to be placed on them to ensure they don’t find a new business partner. 

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by Chris Strandin March 24, 2016

Inspire Greatness: The Path to Passionate Sales

Passion is one of the most critical elements to a salesperson’s success. The question is not whether or not passion matters (it absolutely does!), but how to ignite and maintain that passion in your sales team. There are a myriad of famous sales quotes that talk about passion and motivation, and there’s a reason for it. 

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by Chris Strandin September 2, 2015

Account Planning Best Practices

Account Plans are detailed blueprints of the relevant information needed to grow an individual account. Each company should have their own set of details required for their Account Plans, but many aspects are universal.  Good Account Plans allow for reps and managers to create strategies to improve close ratios and win more business. A thorough Account Plan provides many useful details about an account, which will help you build a winning strategy. The best sales managers will coach reps on what aspects of the account to pay special attention to, as well as how to leverage that information to reach their goals. 

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by Chris Strandin August 25, 2015

Why The Sales Funnel Is Vital To The VP Of Sales

What happens when a VP of Sales can't hit their number? Often, a new VP of Sales is brought ot get the job done. So, how does a great VP of Sales keep their job, hit their number, grow their team, or at least accurately predict their performance? They understand the sales funnel and how to use it to their advantage.  

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by Chris Strandin August 21, 2015

Understanding The Sales Funnel

Understanding the sales funnel is one of the most important things that a sales manager can do for their team, for themselves, and for their management. Knowing your key metrics and monitoring them appropriately will improve your forecasting abilities, as well as increase the effectiveness of the entire sales organization.


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by Chris Strandin July 27, 2015

Finding Your Next All-Star Sales Rep

Recruiting Your Next Sales Rep

 You are looking for that sales rep the rest of your team can look up to because he or she will consistently put up great numbers, with a great attitude. As you sit through interview after interview, this task becomes daunting. However, the right tools can make this necessary process easy and even fun.

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by Chris Strandin June 17, 2015

Sales Messaging Strategy - Customer Service

Sales messaging is most effective when aligned with a company’s core competencies. In the first two installments, I talked about how to align sales messaging with your company’s products, and how to effectively integrate aligned messaging into your marketing plan. In this article, I am going to talk about aligning customer service with your company’s messaging. There is such a thing as too much customer service for your company, and there is such thing as not enough. How do you find the right balance for your company and your customers? To know what works, we can learn from companies that have found the right balance as a price leader, an intimacy leader, and a feature leader. We can examine their solutions to see if they are a good fit for your company.

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