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    By Maria Trizna October 9, 2018

    8 Key Characteristics to Look for in a B2B Sales Rep

    Building an all-start sales team starts with your judgment. Because you’re hiring for sales reps, it can be difficult to distinguish true talent from sales talk. Therefore, having a well-define profile that outlines key characteristics you’re looking for, and corresponding questions to test for those skills, will help avoid poor judgment calls. 

    All-Star B2B Sales Rep Traits

    1. Compassionate. Loyal customers are gained when they confidently place their trust in your company. To gain that trust, a good sales rep will be able to emotionally connect with their customers and show that they care about providing a solution that has their customer’s best interests in mind.
    2. Optimistic. Rejection happens, and a positive attitude is essential for a sales rep to remain resilient and continue despite a let-down. This trait is also beneficial for sales team dynamics and morale.
    3. Detail-oriented. Blueprinting and planning is a habit; a good sales rep always does the necessary research before sales calls and meetings to be well-informed and to tailor their message to the prospect. Planning their weeks and days ahead of time to be maximally productive is especially important because it ensures your reps are following-up with opportunities and doing the appropriate activities in the sales process
    4. Coachability. A good sales rep will take constructive feedback about a less-than-satisfactory sales interaction, and alter their behavior for improvement. They should be open to ongoing coaching as well – well-coached sales reps outperform their competition.
    5. Communication. At its core, sales is about people. A good sales rep knows when to talk and when to listen, can read a room and the people in it, asks the right questions, and communicates well across silos (in-person, over the phone, and electronically – email and social media).
    6. Driven. Goal-oriented and results-driven are important characteristics to look for. A sales rep who is motivated, hardworking, and persistent is one who will put in the effort to make their goals, even if it takes extra work.
    7. Passionate. Sales is an art, and a good sales rep will truly believe this and want to continually improve their craft. A rep passionate about selling and about what they sell has high success potential.
    8. Curious. With prospects getting bombarded with sales emails and calls everyday, sales reps must bring value to the table if they want to win their prospect’s time. That means, being curious enough to learn the industry and product to confidentially challenge the status quo and prove to prospect's that talking with them will be worth their time. 

    Hiring is only the beginning when it comes to building an all-start sales team. In addition, leaders can’t forget about onboarding, sales training, and proper metric tracking in order to meet their number. If you need help building your sales team, request a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one of our expert sales consultants who'll answer your questions and provide you with direction.  

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