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    By Liz Stone July 12, 2017

    3 Summer Themes for B2B Sales Campaigns

     In our 2017 summer blog series 8 Weekly Projects to Stay on Track During a Summer Slump, we'll be sharing weekly ideas and suggested activities for sales leaders to keep themselves and their team productive in the typically slower summer months.. 

    The first installment in this series is about sales campaigns. At SRi, we beleive that detailed and goal-specific campaigns are required for sales team success. You can learn about our approach in our blog 4 Elements of a Successful Sales Campaign

    Summer is no reason to stop campaigning and selling, but it does provide an opportunity to try some new tactics and have a little fun. This blog shares three themes for summer sales campaigns: customer engagement, summer-specific, and fall-facing. 

    Theme 1: Customer Appreciation

    Summer is a great time to focus on existing accounts. Put that extra time you have on your hands to good use by reaching out to customers. This can be in the form of a phone call, or better yet (if possible) a face-to-face meeting. You can take it one step further and host a customer appreciation event to get all your customers under one roof to meet one another, meet your team, and learn about your latest offerings.

    Your customers are your most important asset, and time spent nurturing them pays off. A customer-centric campaign allows you to provide a personal touch that they'll surely appreciate. It will also give valuable insights into how they are doing, improvements for your offerings, and whitespace opportunities. 

    Theme 2: Summer seasonal

    The reason a summer slump even exists is that people undeniably love the summertime, and prefer to spend it with family and friends soaking in the sun and engaging in fun activities like outdoor trips, cookouts, and baseball games (to name a few). The spirit of summer is laid-back and fun, so why not tie this into your sales campaigns?

    Get a little more creative with your B2B campaigns this year; try including a seasonal gift or offer in your campaign, and using seasonally-specific copy, messaging, and calls-to-action that appeal to your prospect’s summer state of mind.  

    Theme 3: Fall Planning

    B2B decision-makers who are in the office over the summer are likely working on ideas and plans to supercharge sales and improve processes come fall. They will be expected to bring these to the table with their management and the board once everyone is back in the office in September.

    Work these messages into your summer campaign, showing the value of your product to reaching your prospect’s end-of-year goals. Making this a summer theme also allows time to help your prospect become maximally prepared for their meetings, with information to present on their own, and possibly a scheduled presentation or demo from your sales team.

    Have you run campaigns with any of these themes before, and how did they go? Do you have an additional summer theme that worked well? Share your comments and ideas in the "Comments" section below.

    If you've never executed a campaign before, or if your campaigns aren't yielding results, learn more about Sales Result's Paint-the-Picture® Sales Playbooks. Our customized playbooks include detailed campaigns along with a suite of other sales tools, and are proven to improve close rates. 

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