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Eric Morse · SRi CEO

Eric Morse has over three decades of professional experience in sales, both directly in the field and in management. After honing his sales approach and process as a five-time national top salesperson for major sales organizations, Eric held sales leadership roles at leading computer software and hardware companies, including a Fortune 500 technology provider.

Eric prides himself on developing disciplined and results-focused sales programs. Many of the sales processes, systems and plans designed and implemented during his years in management remain in use today. Prior to founding SRi, Eric co-founded Bridgeforce—a successful consulting services provider to the world’s top 100 financial institutions—where he led all brand, marketing and sales strategies.

A tireless adventurer and walking encyclopedia, Eric loves learning about the history and culture of locations where SRi travels for engagements. After growing up in Canada, Eric moved to the United States in 1970. He is a parent of three, all of whom live in the Seattle area.