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Set the foundation for rapid sales results and sustained, scalable growth

Your sales team should always know three things: where they are now, where they are going, and how they are going to get there. Without the ability to clearly articulate these three elements, your team is likely missing opportunities and struggling to perform.

To boost sales effectiveness, strategy and execution must be aligned. Winning Sales Foundation is an end-to-end solution that provides sales leadership with a complete sales infrastructure tailored to their specific business challenges and needs. Broken into five phases, Winning Sales Foundation combines our most effective offerings into one cohesive package. It is customized for Inside Sales, Direct Sales, or both, depending on the client. 

Designed for building a new sales team, launching a new sales initiative or scaling an existing sales team, Winning Sales Foundation delivers a thorough and detailed plan for complete sales success. SRi puts everything in place for growth and stay hands-on for the entire engagement to ensure lasting implementation and complete buy-in throughout the sales organization and team.

Five components are at the core of the Winning Sales Foundation: strategy, tactics, process, tools and execution.

SRi will tailor these solutions to your unique organization, and fully implement them to achieve sustainable growth and ensure your investment pays off for years to come.

What’s Included in the Winning Sales Foundation:

Executive Sales Discovery
Executive Sales Discovery
Paint The Picture
Winning Sales Process
Sales Operations
Executive Sales Coaching

Is a Winning Sales Foundation right for you?

Is your sales organization struggling? Are you unable to make your sales goals? Do you have a new product or initiative ready to launch, but no internal framework to support it? Are you aware of issues within your sales organization but unsure what they are or how to fix them? Are your sales reps unmotivated or adverse to change? Conversely, does your team have high potential but lack the resources needed to succeed?

Winning Sales Foundation is a versatile, comprehensive sales consulting solution guaranteed to make a difference in your sales results. Many of our clients selected Winning Sales Foundation to fully optimize their sales organizations, and continue to reap the benefits today.

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