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Are you ready to make your 2017 sales PLAN?

Finish strong in 2016 and set the proper foundation to make next year's number. 
Our Approach

Experts in Transforming Cold Leads into Closed Sales

Sales Result Inc. (SRi) helps companies transform their cold leads into closed sales with our sales management consulting solutions, such as sales playbooks and sales processes. We are a sales consulting firm dedicated to developing programs that drive sales success, always taking a tailored "Your Culture, Your Clients, Your Way" approach. Our solutions are designed to be combined into customized packages for each unique client, and are guaranteed to provide both immediate results and lasting success.


Our Process

At SRi, we believe in serious sales results—immediate, sustained, and measurable. We want to take you from just “making the number” to consistently exceeding it. We take a collaborative approach and aren’t afraid to get involved. Many of our clients consider us part of their staff because unlike other sales consulting firms, we are often onsite and provide 24/7 support.
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Make Your 2017 Sales Plan with a Comprehensive Framework for Success

If you’re ready to make major changes to your sales organization, such as building a new sales team, launching a new initiative, or scaling your existing team, consider a Winning Sales Foundation in your 2017 sales planning. This end-to-end solution establishes a comprehensive and long-lasting framework for sales success by reinventing your sales organization. 

Each deliverable within the full Winning Sales Foundation package is also available as a stand-alone solution. We believe in complete customization and tailor all of our packages to our clients and their unique needs.  


What’s included in the Winning Sales Foundation™


Executive Sales


Receive a customized action plan for sales success with a detailed discovery process that includes multiple interviews and thorough examination of your organization.




Unify your sales strategy, process and messaging with a customized sales playbook and training program, designed to improve sales rep efficiency and effectiveness.


Winning Sales


Guide your sales force through every step of your unique sales process with a detailed workflow and training program.




Optimize your sales infrastructure, launch initiatives strategically, and streamline your sales team with our expert guidance and support.


Executive Sales


Develop world-class leadership skills and better manage and support your sales team and organization with coaching from a seasoned sales expert.

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